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Blue Faery Liver Cancer Community

The Blue Faery Liver Cancer Community supports all people affected by a diagnosis of primary liver cancer, specifically Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). The community is a safe and supportive place for you to share your experiences and find the information and encouragement you need during this time. Join now!

Cancer U

Cancer University

Cancer University (Cancer U) is an online membership platform for cancer patients and caregivers to empower, educate and engage them to become advocates for their cancer care. Cancer U provides courses, coaching and a community for its members. Use the coupon code BLUEFAERY2021 to enroll free today at

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Caring Ambassadors

The Caring Ambassadors Program uses three main methods to combat hepatitis C. They empower patients and providers to increase their knowledge of hepatitis C. They educate systems and communities on how to integrate viral hepatitis services into existing programming. They advocate on behalf of patients and communities.

Fatty Liver Foundation

The Fatty Liver Foundation's mission is to identify asymptomatic, undiagnosed Americans with liver fibrosis or early cirrhosis caused by fatty liver disease, and to educate them on the lifestyle changes needed to halt or minimize disease progression.

Hepatitis B Foundation

The Hepatitis B Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for hepatitis B and improving the lives of those affected by hepatitis B and liver cancer worldwide through research, education and patient advocacy. Their Liver Cancer Connect program provides current information for people diagnosed with liver cancer.

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HRSA Health Services

You can save lives as a donor by giving others the gift of life. Sign up to become a donor on your state registry. Most states let you choose what organs and tissues you want to donate, and you can update your status at any time.

Imerman Angels

Imerman Angels

Imerman Angels’ mission is to provide comfort and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers through a personalized, one-on-one connection with someone who has been there. Through a free matching process, Imerman Angels partners anyone, any age, any gender, any cancer type, anywhere in the world.


UPMC Transplant Services

The liver’s unique ability to regenerate allows people to donate part of their liver to help those who need a transplant. Receiving a living donation decreases a person’s wait time on the national transplant waitlist. A liver from a living donor may function immediately, leading to better results after surgery.