Asian Americans have the second highest number of new liver cancer patients.*

Foreign-born Asian Americans are more likely to get liver cancer compared to those born in the United States.

Learn why it is so important to Love Your Liver with a doctor from our community.
*compared to other ethnic groups

Did You Know...

1 in 3 American adults has liver disease? 

And 50% of Americans live with at least one of the leading risk factors for liver disease?

Now is the time to educate yourself and take steps to protect your liver. 

When you increase your knowledge and improve your health, you learn how to Love Your Liver.

African Americans are

1.5x more likely

as White Americans

 to get liver cancer and incidence rates are
on the rise.

Hispanics are

2.5x more likely

as White Americans

to develop liver cancer.


Asian Americans are

2X as likely

as White Americans

to get chronic hepatitis B,
the leading cause of liver cancer in the Asian American community.

The best way to stop liver cancer is to prevent it before it happens!

Most types of liver cancer are preventable. 

Often, symptoms are undetected, overlooked, or do not develop until later stages of the disease.

Discover the action steps you can take to improve your liver knowledge and your health.

Whether you need information on the functions of the liver, or how to prevent liver cancer and disease, we have provided several videos to help you every step of the way.